A future vision for Tesla to empower current and future generations with end-to-end, multilateral clean energy products.



Why is a sustainable future based on renewable energy important?


Energy demand


solar Potentials



Currently, we burn 96 million barrels per day, releasing 21.3 billion tons of CO2 per year.

The global energy market is worth $6.3 trillion and is projected to increase by 48% by 2040.

Every hour, earth receives enough solar energy to power the entire world. Why bother drilling down instead of looking up?

Residential, commercial housing, and vehicles can all run on renewable energy with zero emissions while lowering our dependence on the grid.

the tesla factor

As a highly vertically integrated energy company offering end to end clean energy product & solutions, Tesla is uniquely positioned to expand their footprint in multiple sectors at once. With a growing

eco-system that includes manufacturing, energy generation, storage, distribution, and consumption.


energy generation

energy storage

energy consumption

Vertically integrated battery supply chain, and in-house manufacturing.

Residential solar roof & panels

plus large scale solar farms.

PowerWall for families and

small businesses; Power pack for industrial uses.

An expanding EV portfolio, and a fast growing charging network.


Tesla's continued success will be built on products that are not only more sustainable, but fundamentally better.

Branding Strategy

Establish a multi-touch point 10 year road map that propels Tesla to reach the mass market while maintaining as a brand of the future.



Tesla Store & Marketing

A new Tesla store that emphasizes the eco-system and the joy of exploring. And a marketing campaign focusing on the brand's value and vision.


Shared Mobility

A fleet of fully autonomous vehicles designed for on-demand ride sharing. The system optimizes efficiency while offers uncompromising comfort and privacy.


Home Automation

Tesla's next market expansion, with wireless energy and robotics assistant.


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