A content consumption and discussion platform powered by IBM Watson, that enable curious minds to explore the world through multiple lenses, and engage in civil, meaningful conversations.


How can AI transform the way we curate and consume information,

and help us to be more curious, open-minded and better thinkers?


back-end algorithm driven curation

Lack of credibility & discoverability

Scattered platforms

No constructive social interactions


break the bubble





Design & Strategy at IBM

Professor Calvert

Social behavior researcher

Key takeaways

Some are not aware of the curation done by their content feeds, while some say they are becoming more biased over time.


Conveying empty and emotion is much more challenging than factual information.


We are growing increasingly reliant on AI & technology, a whole generation is growing up under these conditions and has signs of "out sourcing" their thinking to technologies around them.

Market validation

Google just updated it's Google News during the work of this project. The new platform now incorporates opinions and related articles from different sources. There are also signs of other news/social media platforms working towards this direction which reinforces the trend of diversifying information.


The brain

IBM Watson is the most ideal AI choice for the Scope platform because of it's ability to process and analysis complex information and cross-reference different data sets to reach a reliable conclusion. It thinks very much like a human brain, except way faster and resourceful.


It is also a good opportunity to expand the Watson AI to consumer markets, since it is primarily a B2B platform.



the scope system

Browse news from multiple sources and a range of perspectives.

Archive all your favorite articles to build a personal knowledge database.

Participate in 1 on 1 intellectual conversations and debates on any topic.




Getting ready

Upon the first log-in, Watson will walk through the user to set up their interests and preferences. The process also helps the user to familiarize and get comfortable with talking to Watson.


Explore through lenses


Process & Explorations


More adventurous way of browsing information, visualizing the macro view by navigating in a 3D space.

Also providing a secondary content search function within the article so people can easily find what they are looking for.

user testing Feedback

They look cool but is difficult for the viewer to focus on what they are looking for, since everything is scattered.

Loved the quick summary function within the articles, also wondered if similar function can be added to top level searches to further curate the content.

visual identity

The vibrant color schemes does not speak to the intended audiences, nor does it resonate with IBM's identity.


Explored different top level layout to best present information.

Also iterated on the concept of putting a secondary lens filter in each top level topics so users can curate their feed by themselves.


Adding a second column at the search result to show related coverage/opinions on the topic.

Different layout within the article reading screen, finding a balance between the depth of the information vs. ease of use.

user testing Feedback

Leaning towards more standard grided designs for browsing, familiarity is a plus.

Need more consistent layout through different screens.

Credibility rating, and quick fact checking is very convenient, but worries about the AI's ability to reach a reliable conclusion.

Visualize your knowledge growth


Process & Explorations


Need a better way to save and track the articles. I was also inspired by the 3d sphere concept earlier to represent user's overall browsing history.

user testing Feedback

In this use case, this is way more interesting than a list.

The notion of growth is a stimulating way to encourage people to explore more, it's also nice to see which areas have they explored very often.


There also needs to be a quicker way to find something based on vague memories, rather than a specific topic/ name/ source.

Connect with people on a intellectual level,

Watson acting as the moderator & host.


Process & Explorations


Giving people a platform to engage in serious, civil, and constructive conversations or debates.

Leveraging Watson's ability to quickly pull information to help fuel the conversation.

user testing Feedback

Like the idea of having a face to face conversation on a topic, but don't like the fact that an AI is rating the credibility of a person.


Also suggested that instead of always matching with a random person, have the ability to add friends within the platform so they can talk with the same person another time.

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