APEX is a product system designed to reduce the entry barriers of the track racing motors port, by offering a cohesive experience and providing support on each milestone along the journey.


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Product Designer

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Current Challenges

A complicated & redundant process of search and register for events.

High entry barrier with limited opportunity to get coaching.

Communications methods on the track are unintuitive, dangerous, and unreliable.

Lack of affordable & easy to use data tracking devices to improve learning.

No dedicated platform for community building.

Centralized database

A central marketplace to search, register and prepare for all events with a single APEX account.

On-track driving assistance

A product kit with levels of support to provide adequate driving guidance while on the track.

Improved safety

Safe and reliable communication system enabled by a network of APEX product kit in each vehicle syncing with one and another.

Smart data

Live data tracking + performance analysis to accelerate the learning process.

Community bonding

A social platform for racing enthusiasts of all level to build, connect and share their passion.


APEX Solutions


Decision tree

Online database




User Experience Journey

1. Event preparation

Introducing the APEX system and Online features. Learn about the benefits of the APEX product kit. Then search + sign up for events with the APEX account, and explore, study the race track before hand.


2. Gearing up

Rent an APEX product kit on the event site and embrace yourself for an epic experience!

All participating drivers will be equipped with the APEX product set to ensure consistent on-track experience & communication.

Renting lowers the cost of ownership for participants, while creating a long term revenue source & marketing advantage for event organizers.

The kit records all driving information and syncs them to your APEX account.



data collection


A virtual retinal display mounted on the visor of the helmet and projects the optimum drive-line directly to the driver's retina in real time.

Lowering learning curve


Four levels of assistance for drivers at different stages



A communication device mounted on top of the instrument panel, using lighting effects to indicate communications from other drivers and the track marshals.

secondary Drive-line assistance


Hand signaling communication from APEX Link

Indicate Track marshals flagging


An armband that enables drivers to safely, and effectively signal their intentions to others without having to stick their arm outside of the car while driving.

Recognizes motion and hand gestures through muscle tracking.

Adopt existing hand signals used around the track.

3. Post event analysis

Drivers can reflect on their performances after each event, also establish clear improvement goals by reviewing the playback & lap by lap analysis.


See how you have advanced by having all your history in one profile.

Build your APEX ranking and connect with others.

APEX Eco-system

Apex serves as a bridge to connect event organizers and driving enthusiasts. The business model benefits all parties involved and establishes a sustainable growth path.

Ignite Your Potential

Centralized database

On-track assistance

Improved safety

Smart Data



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