Design starts with the vision for a better future...


Why design?

To me, design is the vehicle to achieve future visions. I truly believe that Nothing is more meaningful or exciting than having the opportunity to contribute and shape a better world for current and future generations.

my approach

I see the world and practices design through three lenses:

1. Sustainability.

2. Social innovation.

3. The Evolving relationship between human and technologies.


CAREER aspirations

I strive to be at the forefront and exploring boundaries at my field. Merging hardware and interface elements to deliver cohesive, compelling end-to-end experiences.

Lifelong missions

I want to be involved in education, advocating the value of design thinking and the vision of a better future. To enable others to drive environmental and social sustainability by using the power of design.

My name is Daniel Cheng, I am a person with endless curiosity and I love taking up challenging problems because those are the ones worth solving! My eagerness to ask "why" and "why not" led me to design: an fulfilling journey which still excites me  everyday.


My passion and experiences in UX, industrial design and strategy have enabled me to identify and address problems at a macro and system level, putting users at the center to create cohesive experiences. My strength lays in the analytical decision-making process along with the relentless drive to iterate until reaching a satisfactory solution.

I love taking up challenging problems because those are the ones worth solving!


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